Home Sweet Homicide

Here’s the movie column from the November 22 1946 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, featuring a movie titled “Home Sweet Homicide”:


Home Sweet Homicide (1946) featured Randolph Scott, who appeared in 39 more films, only one of which was not a Western. The AllMovie site rates the movie at only two stars out of five – oh well. A clip from the movie is available here.

Lynn Bari (1913-1989) apparently was “never very convincing as a successful mystery writer” but was “decorative” in this movie. Hmph. According to Wikipedia, she “specialized in playing sultry, statuesque man-killers” in about 150 movies in the 1930s and 1940s. She was quoted as saying, “I go from one set to the other shooting people and stealing husbands!”

Jack Karr was the Toronto Daily Star’s film critic from 1938 to 1959, but has left a surprisingly small footprint on the Internet (partially because there is a well-known actor named Jack Carr). The Toronto Public Library has a collection of his scrapbooks and papers, which were donated by his widow after his death.

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