91-year-old voter

The October 10 1935 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained an article in which a 91-year-old woman claimed that she was going to vote for the Liberal candidate in her riding in the upcoming federal election.


I looked Miss Parkes up in the Toronto city directories and discovered that her name was actually Jane E. Parks. If the Daily Star had her age right, Miss Parks lived to be at least 103 – she appears in the 1948 city directory but not the 1949 directory. She would have had the opportunity to vote in two additional federal elections – the 1940 election and the 1945 one.

As for Salter Hayden: he did indeed win his seat in the 1935 election. In 1940, William Lyon Mackenzie King appointed him to the Senate; he remained there until 1983, when he resigned at the age of 87 due to poor health. He passed away in 1987.

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