Attractive camera study

The photo page of the October 6 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained more photographs of young women, some of which included their name and address. Here’s one:


Admittedly, the world was different in 1930. But I can’t help but think that this was an invitation to stalk poor Miss M. Burford.

Out of curiosity, I looked in the 1930 Toronto city directory, and there were two Burfords listed at that address: Bella Burford, listed with no occupation, and Samuel C. Burford, who worked as a decorator. He is listed as the homeowner in the streets section of the directory, so I would guess that Bella was Samuel’s mother and was living with the family.

When I looked in the 1935 directory, I found Samuel C. still at 782 Indian Road, but Bella was no longer listed. However, there were two new Burfords listed at this address: Edwin R., with no listed occupation, and Muriel B., who worked as a teacher. I’m guessing that they are Samuel’s children, and that this is Muriel’s picture above. All three were still there in 1940, with Edwin now also working as a teacher.

In the 1945 directory (I was checking at five-year intervals), Samuel and Edwin were still there, but Muriel was not. Presumably, she got married, changed her name, and moved out.

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