Elected Tuesday night president

Here’s a photo from the August 26 1926 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:


When I saw this, I wondered who was elected president on the other nights of the week. But whatever.

Out of curiosity, I traced J. Grittani in the Toronto city directories. He turned out to be Joseph Grittani, and he worked as an insurance broker for Sun Life. He seems to have had a successful and uneventful life: in 1931, he moved to 2 Northcliffe Boulevard, which remained his home base for many years. By 1941, he had struck out on his own; he is listed as an insurance broker with no employer.

By 1946, other family members appear in the directory: Gloria and Howard are there. In 1951, Joseph Jr. is at the family address; he went into the insurance business too, and by 1956, father and son had started a company together. It was listed in the 1961 and 1966 directories. By 1969, the last year that I could view, Joseph Senior had retired. So he seems to have lived a long life.

The Circolo Colombo appears to have been an early organization of Torontonians of Italian origin. I found references to it here and here.

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