Interesting camera study

The August 6 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this “interesting camera study” of a Toronto businessman:


I looked Mr. Davis up in the Toronto city directories, and it turned out that his name was actually Edwin T. Davis – the Daily Star had his middle initial wrong. Sadly, his story is a short-lived one:

  • The 1930 directory is the first edition that I could find him in. He is living at 292 Oriole Parkway, which had just been built; he is listed as the “genl mgr” of Standard Paving, which I assume is the same as being president.
  • In the 1932 directory, he is not only the president of Standard Paving – he is also the president of the Harbour Administration Building. He is still at 292 Oriole Parkway.
  • In the 1933 directory, his occupation is just listed as “contr”. This might mean “contractor” or “controller”, I guess. The firm that he was working for was not listed.
  • In 1934, he was just listed under his home address, with no occupation.
  • In 1935, his widow, Florence H., is listed at 292 Oriole Parkway. Mr. Davis doesn’t look terribly old in the photo, so some sort of tragedy must have struck him.

292 Oriole Parkway still stands – it’s a nice house in an upscale neighbourhood.

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