Photo and address #2

Here’s the second photo in the July 26 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star that contained the name and address of the sitter.


I found both Georgina Hayes and her father, Joseph Hayes, in the 1930 city directory: Georgina worked as a stenographer, and Joseph was “with” J G Millar Co. Moving forward:

  • In 1932, she was still at the same place, but her father had struck out on his own: he was now the president and manager of the Hayes Garment Co.
  • Unfortunately, this enterprise might not have been successful: Joseph Hayes is still at 738 Shaw in 1935, but with no listed occupation. Georgina is still there.
  • 1937 is unchanged from 1935, as is 1938.
  • In 1939, Joseph is still at 738 Shaw, but Georgina is not. As with yesterday’s entry, my best guess is that she got married and left her parents’ home, but that’s just a guess.

738 Shaw Street still stands – it seems like a nice enough place.

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