Photo and address #1

The July 26 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star continued the odd habit of including a person’s photo with their name and address, which would be a serious breach of privacy nowadays!

This particular edition had two of them. The first one was of Miss Ethel F. D. Hutchinson:


This gave me an opportunity for what could be called retro-stalking: I looked her and her family up in the Toronto city directories. Here’s what I found:

  • The Hutchinsons had just moved to 47 Glendonwynne Road, as the 1930 directory (presumably published before July) listed them at 56 Woodycrest Avenue. Ethel was working as a stenographer, and her father, Orville J., was a superintendent at “McLean Pub Co”.
  • The 1931 directory had them at 47 Glendonwynne. Orville was now listed as a printer.
  • Sadly, tragedy struck the family by 1933 – that year’s directory listed Florence J. (wid Orville) at 47 Glendonwynne. Ethel was still living there too.
  • The two women lived together until 1938; Ethel continued to work as a stenographer.
  • Ethel does not appear in the 1939 directory. Florence is still at 47 Glendonwynne, so my best guess is that Ethel got married. This makes it impossible to trace her further, as both her name and her address would have changed.

47 Glendonwynne Road is in Bloor West Village; it looks quite nice.

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