Charming camera study

The July 14 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this photograph of a Toronto woman:


I’m thinking that a modern newspaper wouldn’t publish somebody’s address like this – it would violate their privacy. Even then, I wonder if poor Mrs. Waybrant wasn’t hounded by Daily Star readers.

Out of curiosity, I searched for Charles Waybrant in the Toronto city directories at five-year intervals. (Mrs. Waybrant would not have had her own entry, as the city directories did not provide separate entries for wives, and the photo only provides her husband’s first name.) Sure enough, he is in the 1930 directory at 154 Milverton, and was working as a bookkeeper for Courian Oriental Rugs. He was still there in 1935, now listed as Charles H. Waybrant.

In 1940, Mr. Waybrant was still in his job, but had moved to 559 Davisville Avenue. He was still at both places in 1945. By 1950, he was just listed as an accountant, with the location not specified, and Lionel Waybrant was listed at 559 Davisville as a clerk at the Imperial Bank; I assume that he was the Waybrants’ son.

Moving to 1955: Charles is still listed as an accountant, and Lionel is still living with him, but they are now at 224 Balliol. In 1958, Lionel decided to refer to himself as Charles L. Waybrant; they are still both at 224 Balliol. The Waybrants had split up by 1960: Charles H. is now at 22 Thorncliffe Park, and Charles L. is now at 10 Athenia Court in West Hill. They were still at those locations in 1965.

By 1969, unfortunately, there was sad news: Charles L. had passed on, as there was an entry for his widow, Stella. She was still at 22 Thorncliffe Park. So, assuming that Charles L. had not divorced and remarried in the meantime, we finally know the name of the woman in the photo above: she was Stella Waybrant. But I can never know for sure.

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