Miss Dusolina Giannini

I found a few photographs of interesting people in the July 11 1924 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, so that’s what’s going to be in the next few blog posts.

Here’s a photo of Dusolina Giannini, an American soprano. (The Star, or the wire service that the Star got the photo from, had her name wrong.)


Dusolina Giannini (1902-1986) was just starting her successful career when captured in this photograph. During the 1930s and before and after the Second World War, she performed in Chicago, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, London, Paris, and as part of the Metropolitan Opera company, where she appeared from 1935 to 1942.

She was from a musical family: her sister was a voice teacher, and her brother composed operas.

There are a number of recordings of her voice on YouTube. One example is Pace Pace Mio Dio from 1945.

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