Princess is slimmer

The front page of the June 18 1934 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this photograph:


Alexis Mdivani (1905-1935) was only a self-styled prince. He was one of the Marrying Mdivanis, a family of three brothers and two sisters from Georgia (the Asian one, not the American one), who all married into wealth and fame. Alexis, the second youngest, started off by marrying a member of the Astor family, but ditched her to marry Barbara Hutton, heiress to the Woolworth fortune and worth over $50 million on her 21st birthday in 1933.

The marriage apparently was a calculated plot by Mdivani and one of his sisters to entrap Ms. Hutton into marriage through scandal. Mdivani spent his new wife’s money lavishly before the two divorced in 1935. He died in an automobile accident in Spain later that year.

Ms. Hutton married six more times, all ending in divorce. She passed away in 1979, nearly bankrupt as the result of exploitation, generosity, and excessive spending.

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