How much do you know?

The June 13 1927 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained a 10-question mini-quiz. Before you scroll down and peek at the answers, why not try the quiz yourself?


It turned out that the answers weren’t on page 7 – they were on page 10. Here they are:


Three people are mentioned in this quiz:

  • Bruce Fairchild Barton (1886-1967) was an advertising executive, writer, and future Republican politician (serving in Congress from 1937 to 1940). The Book Nobody Knows was a sequel to his controversial 1925 book, The Man Nobody Knows, in which he claimed that Jesus was the founder of modern business. The 1956 edition of The Man Nobody Knows cut out a lot of the business stuff.
  • Al Smith (1873-1944) was about to quit being Governor of New York to run for President of the United States as the Democratic candidate in 1928. He lost to Herbert Hoover.
  • John Henry Newman (1801-1890) will be canonized later this year.

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