King Boris and his sister

Here’s one last photograph from the June 10 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, featuring King Boris of Bulgaria and his sister, Princess Eudoxie:


Boris III of Bulgaria (1894-1943) became King of Bulgaria in 1918, when his father abdicated after being on the losing side in World War I. Being a king in Bulgaria was not easy: anarchist groups attempted to assassinate him twice in 1925, and he was reduced to puppet status in 1934 when a military dictatorship was established. He staged a counter-coup in 1935, and (according to Wikipedia) Bulgaria “entered an era of prosperity and outstanding growth” lasting nearly five years.

Then Hitler happened. Bulgaria had been on the side of Germany in the previous war, and sort of lined up with the Axis powers in the second one. But King Boris refused to deport Bulgarian Jews and refused to send troops to fight Russia, which somebody important might not have liked; the king died unexpectedly of heart failure on August 28, 1943. Doctors who attended him think that he might have been poisoned.

By the way, King Boris wasn’t a bachelor king for long – he married Giovanna of Italy, daughter of the King of Italy, in 1930. Benito Mussolini apparently registered the marriage himself.

Life wasn’t exactly easy for Princess Eudoxia (1898-1985) either – in 1944, she was arrested and tortured by the Communists, but was eventually allowed to leave Bulgaria. She never married.

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