11-year-old swimmer

The June 10 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained a photograph of 11-year-old Joan Brunton, who was training to swim the English Channel in August of that year.


This photo was obviously taken at the same time as this British Pathé newsreel. My searches also turned up:

  • Camera footage of her after she successfully swam from Dover to Deal in England.
  • A photograph of her being presented with a cup for having done this.
  • Another British Pathé newsreel of her arriving in Ramsgate after swimming there from Dover.
  • A photograph of her with her trainer.

I could find nothing on whether she made it, but this list of notable successful channel swimmers lists the youngest successful female swimmer as Samantha Druce, who was 12 years and 118 days old when she crossed in 1983. This suggests that Ms. Brunton was unsuccessful.

I could find nothing at all on her that was later than 1929, so I assume that she did not have a career as an adult swimmer. Her adulthood appears to be lost to history.

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