Bucky to marry

The May 18 1926 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained a photograph of Bucky Harris, player-manager for the Washington Senators at the age of 29, and his bride-to-be:


Bucky Harris (1896-1977) was traded from the Senators to the Detroit Tigers after the 1928 season, and became mostly a full-time manager for them until 1933. He then went on to manage the Boston Red Sox, the Washington Senators (again), the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Yankees, the Washington Senators (yet again), and the Detroit Tigers (also again). He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame as a manager in 1975.

Harris and the former Miss Elizabeth Sutherland were divorced in 1951. She passed away in 1978; her obituary appeared in the Washington Post.

Harris apparently married again, but I can’t find any other information. The Society for American Baseball Research has an article on Harris, which goes into more detail on his baseball career.

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