19 strokes

The June 13 1938 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained a photo of golfer Ray Ainsley, who scored 19 on one hole in the 1938 U.S. Open:


The Wikipedia page for the 1938 U.S. Open provides more details: apparently, Mr. Ainsley hit the ball into the water on the 16th hole. Instead of taking a penalty and taking his next shot on dry land, he repeatedly tried to hit the ball out of the water. His score of 19 remains the U.S. Open record.

I couldn’t find much on Ainsley, but there is a PGA Tour page for him. He played in four tour events in his lifetime – one in 1926, one in 1937, and two in 1938. He made the cut in the other three events in which he played, but never earned any money.

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