Realtor likes classifieds

The May 25 1928 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained a photograph of a substantial-looking gentleman who was promoting the Star’s classified ads section.


Since I was curious, I looked him up in the Toronto city directories. He had an ad in the 1905 directory:


He seems to have newly arrived in Toronto: he had New York and Buffalo offices, and he was living at the King Edward Hotel.

In 1910, his company had offices in Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo, and he was living on Glen Road in Rosedale; in 1920, he had relocated to Strathrobyn in Ridley Park (which I think is in the south-east corner of Pennsylvania).

At the time of the photograph shown above, Mr. Robins was living in Toronto. Besides being the president of Robins Limited, he was also the Spanish consul.

He last appears in the 1948 city directory; the 1949 directory lists his widow.

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