Star seeking divorce

The May 9 1932 edition of the Toronto Daily Star featured this article on a marriage between actors that was on the rocks.


Sally Eilers (1908-1978) appeared in 55 movies between 1927 and 1939, but her career stalled after that. She was apparently known for her “high spirits and vivacity”. There are worse things to be known for.

Hoot Gibson (1892-1962) was a rodeo champion and then moved into motion pictures, becoming the second-most popular cowboy star in movies after Tom Mix between the 1920s and 1940s. In later years, he fell into financial difficulties, and wound up being a greeter in a Las Vegas casino, among other things.

The marriage between Ms. Eilers and Mr. Gibson ended in 1933. She married three more times, each ending in divorce. This marriage was his third, after previously marrying two women named Helen; he married again in 1962, to a “22-year-old yodeler” named Dorothy Dunstan. This marriage lasted until his death.

Bad Girl, the movie mentioned in this article, is available here.

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