Kitty Kelly and Kosher Kitty

The February 18 1927 edition of the Toronto Daily Star featured a photo of actress Kitty Kelly:


Kitty Kelly (1902-1968), born Sue O’Neil, was a regular Broadway performer until 1930, and then went into movies, appearing in approximately 39 of them between 1930 and the end of the Second World War. She performed in movies and TV series right up to her death from cancer in 1968, appearing in Get Smart, Perry Mason, Batman, and The F.B.I. in the 1960s.

The same edition had an ad for the film version of the musical Kosher Kitty Kelly, which is apparently unrelated:


Kosher Kitty Kelly, the movie, was produced by Joseph P. Kennedy, the father of future U.S. president John F. Kennedy. It is preserved in the Library of Congress, but is missing one reel. Kitty Kelly appears never to have been involved with it.

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