Free pants!

When I was looking through the May 12 1922 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, it seemed like almost every clothes ad was offering free pants.

First off, there was Leeds Quality Tailoring, at 324 Yonge Street:


They have tremendous buying power!

Leeds Quality Tailoring isn’t listed in the 1922 city directory; it lists Aberdeen Woollen Mills at 324-326 Yonge. They are in the 1923 directory, but the 1924 directory lists this location as vacant, so they weren’t around for very long. Perhaps they gave away too many pants.

Down the street a ways, the Royal Tailors also offered free pants:


This firm was also a relative newcomer, as the 1922 directory listed Cecilian Company Limited, pianos, at this address. They lasted a little longer than Leeds Quality Tailoring, but by 1926 they had been replaced at 247 Yonge by Stirling Tailors.

If you keep moving south on Yonge, there’s Regent Tailors, also offering free pants:


Unlike the other two firms, Regent Tailors appears in the 1922 city directory. By 1924, they had relocated to 86-88 Richmond West and 167 1/2 Yonge. By 1930, they were at 468 Wellington West, but they didn’t make it through the Depression – they do not appear in the 1935 directory.

Perhaps the best solution was to offer suits without free pants, as Brass did:


We’ve met Brass before – like Regent Tailors, they didn’t make it through the Depression. The retail business was tough, I guess.

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