The Old Gardener Says

The May 12 1922 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this piece of advice:


I was curious, so I looked up the three types of roses.

  • I found an entry in the French version of Wikipedia for the Crimson Rambler rose. This rose was introduced in 1893 by Charles Turner, and is sometimes called Turner’s Crimson Rambler. One link that I found stated that this rose tended to attract mildew and did not have any scent, which is why it fell out of favour. Here’s a small picture of some Crimson Rambler roses.
  • The Excelsa rose (also known as the Dorothy Perkins) was first cultivated by Michael H. Walsh in 1908. It is more disease-resistant. A picture can be found here.
  • Paul’s Scarlet Climber was created by a man named William Paul (naturally), and dates to 1915 or 1916. Here is a picture of some.

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