Betty Balfour

Recently, I’ve found two separate movie ads featuring Betty Balfour. The first is from the February 22 1923 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:


She was apparently winsome, piquant, and charming.

The second ad was a little over two years later, in the May 7 1925 edition of the Daily Star:


Now, she is billed as the “Queen of Happiness”. That’s quite a title to live up to!

Betty Balfour (1903-1977) was a British actress who began performing on the stage when she was ten. She appeared in movies regularly until 1936; after that, she had only one movie role, and apparently failed when attempting to return to the stage in 1952. She never made a movie in the United States.

As for the movies listed here:

  • Wikipedia does not list Me And My Gal in her film credits. Her iMDb page lists it as “Me And My Girl”. This page claims that “Me And My Gal” was a retitling of her 1922 movie Squibs Wins The Calcutta Sweep.
  • Reveille is now lost; it is on the British Film Institute’s list of 75 most wanted films. A detailed page on this film can be found here.

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