Golf match

The February 22 1923 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained a photograph of a young woman about to compete in a golf match:


I could find very little on Dorothy Klotz, though I did find some photographs of her, including this one. She eventually became Mrs. Dorothy Klotz Pardue, but that’s all I know.

Glenna Collett-Vale (1903-1989) dominated women’s golf in the 1920s, and is sometimes considered the greatest woman golfer of all time. She won six U.S. Women’s Amateur titles, and earned 16 consecutive tournament victories between 1928 and 1931. In 1924, she won 59 out of 60 matches, losing the 60th when Mary Browne’s ball caromed off hers and into the cup on the 19th hole. Given all of this, I would guess that she beat Ms. Klotz in their match.

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