How Nancy looks now

The April 17 1928 edition of the Toronto Daily Star included a photograph of a woman from Seattle who had become the wife of the former Maharajah of Indore.


Google searches turned up the following:

  • The former Maharajah, Tukojirao Holkar III, abdicated in favour of his son in 1926, having reigned for 23 years.
  • Press reports of the time claim that the former Maharajah tried to kidnap a dancer and abdicated to avoid being tried by the British for the crime.
  • The former Maharajah already had two wives when he met Ms. Miller, and threatened them and his parents with suicide if he could not marry her. He also apparently kidnapped a woman and her daughter and was swindled by his butler, who stole his car collection in 1922.
  • The couple had four daughters.
  • He passed away in 1978, and she remained at Indore until she passed away in 1995.

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