Girl leaves note

The June 15 1928 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this sad bit of news:


Happily, thanks to the Toronto city directories, I can report that Ms. Kerr didn’t go through with it:

  • In the 1928 city directory, she is listed at 4 Dewson Street, as described in the article. (Google Street View shows the house, I think – it’s old enough that there are horse stalls next to it.)
  • In the 1929 directory, she is still employed by Dodge Brothers as a stenographer, but is now living at 475 Symington.
  • In the 1930 directory, she is listed as “Edythe I Kerr”, and is now a stenographer with Confederation Life, boarding at 159 Bloor East. (I suspect that the city directory person started writing her name as “Edythe”, she tried to correct the spelling by saying “I”, and it was written as “Edythe I”. But I could be wrong.)
  • In the 1931 directory, she is back to “Edith Kerr”, and is now living at 117 Lawton Boulevard.

I didn’t trace her after that. I hope she had a long life.

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