Arlene Francis

The July 23 1963 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained an article about game show panelist Arlene Francis, who was being sued for a million dollars after getting into a car accident that caused the death of a passenger in the other car:


According to the Useless Information web site, the accident happened on a rainy day: the car in front of her skidded, she slammed on her car’s brakes, and her car skidded, crossed the divider, and collided with Mr. Arcos’s car. The case went to trial, and was settled for $210,000, not $1 million (or $1.8 million, as the article states).

Astonishingly, this was not the only fatal accident inadvertently caused by Ms. Francis around that time. On June 23, 1960, a dumbbell fell out of Ms. Francis’s apartment on the eighth floor of the Ritz Tower in Manhattan and struck Alvin Rodecker, killing him instantly. The dumbbell had been used to prop a screen in place; when a maid cleaned the screen, the dumbbell fell out of the window. Mr. Rodecker’s widow sued for $500,000, and settled for $175,000.

Ms. Francis passed away in 2001, at the age of 93.


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