Internal bathing

The March 22 1924 edition of the Toronto Globe contained an article for “internal bathing”, which claimed to be a cure for constipation.


Wikipedia has an entry for Charles Alfred Tyrrell (1843-1918), who was the proponent of internal bathing. The J.B.L. Cascade mentioned in this ad was an enema appliance, and apparently dates to 1903; J.B.L. stood for “Joy, Beauty, Life”. The American Medical Association claimed that the product might be dangerous, and that its advertising featured “deceit, misrepresentation, and quackery”.

Before attempting to market the J.B.L. Cascade, Tyrrell popularized the Ideal Sight Restorer, which the A.M.A. called “pseudomedical claptrap”. So there you are.

As for the Toronto office of Tyrrell’s Hygienic Institute: it first appears in the 1920 Toronto city directory, but was not around much longer than this ad. The institute doesn’t appear in the 1925 directory.

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