Mosher dances

Here’s an ad from the December 2 1926 edition of the Toronto Globe that I was not able to completely figure out:


I have no idea what a Mosher dance is, and a Google search turned up nothing. My best guess is that it was related to the Mosher School of Dancing, which existed near Bay and Bloor in the late 1920s.

A Google search for The Auditorium and 212 Cowan Avenue also both turned up empty. The 1926 city directory lists the Pavlowa Dancing Academy at 210 Cowan Avenue; this is probably what this was. This dancing academy appears in the 1928 directory, but not the 1929 one.

I also have no idea who or what Audimo was. Google searches for “Audimo” redirect to searches for “Audio”, as they can’t find anything on Audimo.

The area around 210 Cowan Avenue now appears to be a park that serves the nearby high-rises on Dunn Avenue.


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