Observe golden jubilee

The April 21 1926 edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail contained a photograph of a couple who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary:


As usual, when I find one of these, I indulge in morbid curiosity: for how much longer were the two able to enjoy wedded happiness?

I looked in the Toronto city directories, and discovered that the Millses had only recently moved to 177 Craighurst Avenue. In the 1926 directory, Robert Mills was listed at 160 Redpath (I knew that this was the correct Robert Mills because the 1925 directory listed his occupation as bursar of St. Andrew’s College). He is listed at 177 Craighurst from 1927 to 1932, but does not appear in the 1933 directory.

Unfortunately, there is no record of Mrs. Mills, as the Toronto city directories only ever list the male head of a household, and this article doesn’t give her first name. I did a search through the people named Mills in the 1933 directory, and there was no one listed as the widow of Robert (or Robt, in the directory shorthand). Presumably, Mr. Mills became a widower sometime between 1926 and 1932, but we’ll never know when.

As for 177 Craighurst: this house and its neighbours on either side have been recently rebuilt or remodelled to be larger than the houses around them.

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