480 Oriole Parkway

Fair warning: the next few days will all be about the November 15 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, because I found a whole lot of stuff there!

The first one is this ad for apartments at 480 Oriole Parkway in Toronto, which was clearly tailored for the luxury crowd:


It’s always good to strive for near perfection!

I was curious about Mr. D’Esterre, so I looked him up in the Toronto city directories (which are basically a form of legalized retro stalking).

  • A Reginald H. D’Esterre appears in the 1930 directory as a real estate agent, but didn’t mention where he worked. There’s nobody else with that last name in that line of work, so I assume that this is him. (Other D’Esterres in the directory: the manager of the Gruen Watch Company, a jeweler, and two women – a switchboard operator, and a widow.)
  • He appears to have recently transitioned into this career: in 1929, he was listed as a radio operator for the CNR.
  • He was relatively new in town: he wasn’t in the 1927 and 1928 directories.
  • He seems to have remained in this job: in 1933, he was listed as a salesman for Chartered Trust, the company that posted this ad. This is also what he was doing in 1938. I didn’t trace him after that.

As for 480 Oriole Parkway: it’s still standing. It was converted to condos in 2011.

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