Consumers Distributing

The February 19 1959 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained an ad for the then relatively new Consumers Distributing catalogue store:

The Wikipedia entry for Consumers Distributing lists them as opening their first store in 1957, but their first appearance in the Toronto city directories is in 1956, when they were listed at 1304 Eglinton Avenue West as “cookware distributors”. They moved to their Castlefield Avenue location in 1959.

Consumers Distributing did not expand right away: the 1965 city directory still lists only the one location, though it was now 1200 Castlefield, not 1260 Castlefield. By 1967, they had opened a second branch at 1536 Midland Avenue in Scarborough, and by 1969 had added two more branches at 320 Kipling Avenue South in Etobicoke and 660 Eglinton Avenue East in Leaside. At its peak, the chain operated 243 stores in Canada.

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