More breathing

When looking through the November 5 1956 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, I found another advertisement for The Institute of Breathing (Can.):


I love everything about this ad:

  • The suggestion that EVERY MINUTE COUNTS in the fight for health.
  • Testimonials from “Mother” and “Lady aged 83”.
  • You could phone them 24 hours a day, any day, to get the free booklet!

I’ve discussed The Institute of Breathing (Can.) in a previous post. As before, I’ve found nothing in the Toronto city directories that referred to this institute.

I notice that this ad asks readers to send to Dept. S-8, whereas the ad in 1957 referred them to Dept. T8 – how did they organize and number their departments? Why was was there a dash in department S-8, but none in department T8? Was there a department R-8, or a department S9? I need to know, and I may never find out!

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