Sunbeam Heights

The July 29 1959 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this somewhat aggressive ad for a new housing development near Newmarket:


Forty families decided to stay!

The downside of living here was that Newmarket is a fair distance from Toronto even now – under ideal conditions, it’s a 47 minute drive from there to Toronto City Hall. In 1959, it would have seemed even more remote.

The real estate firm of Brethour & Morris seems to have been a thriving entity in 1959: there were four branches in existence throughout the city. There seems to have been some sort of split immediately after that, though: by 1961, there was just Brethour Real Estate. Mr. Morris became president of Trade-In Homes Ltd. in 1960, and was employed by Renoir Investments in 1961.

I have no idea where Sunbeam Heights is now – the name doesn’t appear on local maps, and a Google search for “Sunbeam Heights Newmarket” turned up nothing.

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