Famous murders of 1922 #1

The February 9 1922 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained front-cover photographs of people who might have known details of the murder of Hollywood film director William Desmond Taylor.


Taylor’s murder was never solved. Details on the people in the photographs above:

  • Mary Miles Minter (1902-1984) was an actress who appeared in 54 silent-era motion pictures. She was widely rumoured to have been romantically involved with Taylor (who was 29 years her senior).
  • Claire Windsor (1892-1972) was another silent film star. She has previously appeared in this blog here.
  • Mabel Normand (1892-1930) was a silent-film actress, writer, director, and producer, often working with Mack Sennett. She died of tuberculosis.
  • Edna Purviance (1895-1958) appeared in over 30 films with Charlie Chaplin.
  • Neva Gerber (1894-1974) was a silent film actress who appeared in over 120 films between 1912 and 1930. She was engaged to Taylor at one time.

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