Hapnaby Greensides

The June 24 1924 Toronto Globe contained a brief article about what appears to be a horrible tragedy:


Because I am always morbidly curious, and because poor Mr. Greensides had such an unusual name, I looked him up in the Toronto city directories. But I’m not sure whether I found him. The 1924 and 1925 city directory list a Hap Greensides who worked as a painter and whose home address was on John Street. And the 1926 directory lists an Annie Greensides who was the widow of Hap. But I don’t know whether this was just a coincidence,  whether the Globe got the story wrong, or whether they changed the address for privacy reasons or reasons of their own.

To confuse things more: this page lists a Hapnaby Person Greensides who died in 1924 and was married to a woman named Annie. But this Mr. Greensides was 62, not 43. So I don’t know what happened. Sadly, I suspect that a real tragedy happened somewhere to somebody.

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