Harriet Luella McCollum

The July 6 1923 Toronto Globe had an advertisement for a series of appearances by self-help author Harriet Luella McCollum:


Harriet Luella McCollum (1874-1948) was noteworthy for using her maiden name despite being married with two children, which was unusual for the time. She was the author of a number of books, which were apparently part of a series. Some of the books were:

  • What Is Applied Psychology (book 1 of the series)
  • Worry – How To Quit It And Why (book 2)
  • Psychology and Its Relation to Religion (book 4)
  • Mental Analysis (book 8)
  • Applying Occult Law For Perfect Bodybuilding (book number unknown)
  • What Makes a Master (ditto)

She does not have a Wikipedia page, so there is no single collection of details of her life.

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