Zurich society will bar Mathilde

Here’s a brief article from the June 7 1922 edition of the Toronto Daily Star that caught my attention:


I was curious: did they marry? And did Zurich society bar her?

I found out the answer to only the first question, thanks to the Villa Turicum blog, which posted about Mathilde here and here. Mr. Oser, a riding instructor (which sounds a bit classier than “livery stable man”) was 44 and Mathilde 16 when they first planned to wed; they finally, and controversially, tied the knot in 1923. Despite the difference in their ages, they stayed together and had two children, but both died young: Oser passed away in 1942 at the age of 65, and Mathilde passed away in 1947, after surgery, at the age of 41.

I never did find out whether they were admitted to Zurich society. Since their children went to school in California and the couple had a residence there, they might not have cared.

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