New Year’s Day 1949

The Toronto Globe and Mail published an edition on New Year’s Day, 1949.

There were a few standard New Year’s greetings from various advertisers. Here’s the one from Birks Jewellers.


There was also one from Holt Renfrew:


And, naturally, there were greetings from Eaton’s and Simpson’s:



You’ll notice that the Eaton’s and Simpson’s ads mention voting. That’s because 1949 was the last year on which the Toronto municipal election was held on New Year’s Day. (In 1950, the election was on January 2nd, and the election date was then moved to the first week in December.) The editorial cartoon for the day encouraged citizens to vote:


As did the editorial itself:


The Board of Trade encouraged people to vote for candidates that were not Communists:


(There actually were Communists running for office at the time.)

There were three pages of ads for various candidates (along with assorted other stuff):




Finally, the current mayor, Hiram McCallum, appealed to voters to pass a referendum to lengthen the term of office from one year to two.


Mr. McCallum made it back into office, but the referendum did not pass – the term of office did not change from one year to two years until 1956.

The complete results of the 1949 municipal election can be found here.

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