55 years married

The December 25 1928 edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail had a photograph of a couple who were celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary, having gotten married on Christmas Eve in 1873.


As usual, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity: for how much longer could I find them in the Toronto city directories? Here’s what I found:

  • James Beatty, who worked as a shoemaker, had been at 163 Dovercourt Road for a long time: the 1900 city directory lists him there.
  • The 1910 city directory lists a Miss Mary Beatty working as a dressmaker at the same address. Presumably, she was their daughter.
  • By 1928, he was at 163 Dovercourt and she was at 163A Dovercourt.
  • Mr. Beatty appears in the 1932 city directory, but not in the 1933 directory, which still lists Mary Beatty working as a dressmaker.
  • I have no idea what happened to Mrs. James Beatty, as the original article doesn’t list her first name.

163 Dovercourt Road still exists (it’s the house with the bicycle in front of it in this Google Street View photo), but it looks like it’s been refinished.

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