Extra pants free

Here’s an ad for free extra pants from the April 18 1934 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:


I looked up One-Der Tailors in the Toronto city directories. It was a new firm in 1934 – its president, Thomas S. Cohen, had been vice-president of Regent Tailors Limited before starting this new venture. One-Der Tailors didn’t last long – it doesn’t appear in the 1936 city directory.

Because I was curious, I kept looking up Mr. Cohen in later city directories. He started a new venture in 1937, creating Pioneer Tailors, which operated on Spadina Avenue. The 1939 directory lists him there, but the 1940 directory lists the business as being run by someone else, and shows him with no listed occupation. He does not appear in the 1941 directory.

243 Yonge Street was listed as the Wanless Building in the city directory, with One-Der Tailors on the second floor. The building still stands – there’s a Burger King there now, but there is once again a tailor’s shop on the second floor.

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