Flood and drought in 1951

In the summer of 1951, rainfall was unevenly distributed in western Canada. Evidence for this can be found in the July 18 1951 edition of the Globe and Mail.

In Calgary, there was flooding:


Vancouver and Victoria had the opposite problem: Vancouver had gone 41 days without rain, and Victoria 38 days. Vancouver tried seeding clouds with dry ice, which didn’t work, so Victoria hired a man with an electrical device:


I looked up Environment Canada’s weather records for 1951, and they show that there was no significant rain in Victoria until August 27, when 19.6 mm of rain fell. September was also unusually dry until two significant rainfalls on September 27 and 29.

But Calgary had gone completely without rain on only three of the first 18 days of July 1951 – there were five days with a trace of rain, and 10 days of measurable rainfall. It got a little better for Calgarians in the rest of the month, but there were two other large rainfall days, on the 24th and the 29th. August 1951 was even worse: it rained heavily (10 mm or more) in six of the last 10 days of the month. By the end of the summer, travel by canoe might have seemed like an attractive option.

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