The November 27 1937 edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail contained this ad whose title was not particularly well hand-printed:


The teacher in this ad, William Dennison (1905-1981) led an interesting life. Growing up on a farm, he left home at 15 to work in lumber camps and help with prairie harvests in the summer. When young, he stammered so badly that he could not pronounce his own name. Eventually, he figured out how to control his stammering, and opened his own school of speech correction.

At about this time, he decided to become a politician, running as a school trustee. The same edition of the Globe and Mail listed everyone running for elected office in the 1938 elections, including these trustee candidates:


He was elected, and went on to become an alderman in 1941. He was involved in provincial politics as a member of the CCF from 1943 to 1951, and returned to Toronto city council as an alderman in 1953. He moved up to the Board of Control in 1958, and was elected mayor in 1966 (against the opposition of all three daily Toronto papers), serving until 1972. By the end of his career, he was more politically conservative, becoming pro-development and anti-hippie.

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