I am endlessly fascinated by society (or, rather, Society) pages; eventually, I will probably post a whole bunch of entries about them (I’ve been saving them up).

The Society page in the June 19 1937 edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail contained this small note, which I enjoyed:


I looked everything up in the 1937 Toronto city directory, naturally. Here’s what I found:

  • No. 5 Police Station was located at 135-7 Davenport Road. The building still stands – it is now Toronto EMS Station 45. There isn’t any lawn there anymore, though, as the building has been added to, and other buildings have been built right next to it.
  • Joseph V. Gundy was the manager of Charles Tennant & Co. (Canada), a chemical company. (They still exist.)
  • There are nine women named Agnes Campbell listed in the directory. Two are widows, and one is listed as “Agnes Mrs”; we can rule them out, so there are six possibilities. I have no idea which is the right one: the teacher, the nurse, the salesclerk, the clerk at Bell Telephone, or one of the two with no listed occupation? I’ll never know.

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