Hats part 2!

Five years after the ads in yesterday’s blog entry, the October 16 1942 edition of the Toronto Daily Star included another round of Stetson hat ads.

As before, the first was a generic ad for Stetson hats.


Then there was an ad for L. J. Applegath and Son Limited:


As mentioned yesterday, L. J. Applegath and Son are related to Jess Applegath, who had his own hat firm, but the two firms appear to have been separate. They both lasted into the mid-1960s.

There were also ads for two firms that lasted much longer. First, an ad for Jack Fraser stores:


The Jack Fraser men’s clothing stores remained in existence until 2005.

The last ad was for Stollery’s, which was at the corner of Yonge and Bloor until very recently, when its building was replaced by a condo:


From these ads, it looks like the going price for a Stetson in 1942 was $6.50. Cheaper options were the Brock at $6 and the Kensington at $5.

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