Serials from 1935

The July 17 1935 edition of the Toronto Daily Star continued the practice of serializing novels for its readers. There were two on the go that day:



Maysie Grieg (1901-1971) was an Australian romance novelist. She was incredibly prolific, writing over 220 stories, inevitably with happy endings. This page provides a list of over 170 novels of hers, some of which were written under the pen name of Jennifer Ames. On this list, Sweet Danger is number 26, one of six novels of hers published in 1935.

Rex Beach (1877-1949) was an American novelist and water polo player, competing for the United States in the 1904 Olympics. He wrote more than 30 novels, 18 of which were turned into movies; Jungle Gold, one of his later novels, was published in 1935. Some of his novels are available online as part of Project Gutenberg.

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