The Handbag Hospital

The July 22 1948 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this ad:

IMG_3748 (1)

For some reason, the idea of a handbag hospital appealed to me – I’m imagining somebody in a white lab coat listening intently while applying a stethoscope to a Gucci bag.

The Toronto Handbag Hospital was a new business at the time this ad appeared. It doesn’t appear in the 1948 Toronto city directory, but does appear in the 1949 directory, with the proprietor being a gentleman named Brian Bourne. (Before this, Mr. Bourne had been the foreman at the Paragon Leather Goods Company; I guess he wanted to strike out on his own.) It remained at this location until at least 1965.

In 1967, the handbag hospital had moved to 284 Yonge, and the business was listed as being run by B. H. Bourne and Son. By 1969, Mr. Bourne had retired, and the Toronto Handbag Hospital was no more.

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