Long-time Toronto residents will of course know of Stollery’s men’s wear shop, which was located at the southwest corner of Yonge and Bloor until very recently, when it was finally swallowed up by a condominium development. When looking at ads from the May 26 1921 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, I found an ad for Stollery’s:


I love that boys’ and girls’ straw hats are available in sailor and rah-rah shapes.

The “Teasdall” in “Stollery Teasdall” isn’t actually listed in the 1921 city directory – it refers to the firm as simply “Stollery, Frank, gents furngs”. The 1926 city directory lists “Stollery Frank, mens furngs” and Teasdall’s Clothes Shop Limited at 790-794 Yonge; in 1931, Stollery was at 790 Yonge and Teasdall was at 804 Yonge, across Bloor. Teasdall’s remained at 804 Yonge until at least 1951 (I didn’t check later than that).

So you know about Stollery’s men’s wear. But did you know that there was a Stollery’s ladies’ wear shop too?


I am assuming that the Stollery at 784 Yonge was identical to, or at least related to, the Stollery at 790 Yonge. It would be too much of a coincidence for there to be two separate Stollerys.

Stollery-Metivier appears at this location in the 1926, 1931, and 1936 city directories (as with yesterday’s entry, I checked at five-year intervals). In the 1941 and 1946 directories, the store was listed as “Stollery’s Ladies Wear Ltd”, and there was a Metivier’s Ladies Wear at 725 Yonge. (There was a Tamblyn drug store between the two Stollerys.) By 1951, Stollery’s had closed their ladies’ wear shop, and was focused on men’s clothing.

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