Investment opportunities

The business pages of the August 11 1923 Toronto Globe listed some business opportunities, along with telephones for sale:


A Google search yielded an ad in the July 1927 edition of Popular Mechanics that touted the Stransky Vaporizer. (The ad mentions that Mr. Stransky once ran for Governor of South Dakota.) The Model T forum has a discussion of the Vaporizer, including photos of it and its owner’s manual.

At one time, apparently more than 100 of Pukwana, South Dakota’s 192 citizens had jobs related to the Stransky Vaporizer, and the Pukwana post office processed up to 20,000 pieces of mail a day. Today, Pukwana has 285 residents, including the Puk U Bar.

The Canadian Independent Telephone Company had a bold-face listing in the 1923 Toronto city directory. By 1925, the listing was no longer in bold-face, and the company had relocated to 90 Chestnut Street. The company does not appear in the 1926 directory.

I have no idea whether the theatrical opportunity was successful or not.

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