Mysterious name change

The January 23 1951 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this legal notice about a name change:


I was curious: did Mr. Lazarovitz’s name change go through? I was hoping that the Toronto city directories would answer that question, but unfortunately they are mysteriously silent. There is no Manuel Lazarovitz or Manuel Lazar in any of the 1950, 1951, 1952, and 1953 city directories, and he does not appear at 163 Pendrith Street in any of them.

I looked up Pendrith Street, and it appears to have been a predominately Jewish neighbourhood at that time. So my guess is that Mr. Lazarovitz was from out of town and was staying with a friend while he got his legal matter sorted out. I hope that he became Mr. Lazar and had a good life with his new name.

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