A night out in 1951

Here’s an ad for an evening of entertainment at the Prince George Hotel, featured in the Toronto Daily Star on November 30, 1951:


The Prince George was one of the oldest hotels in Toronto. Originally known as the Rossin House Hotel, it was renamed in 1909. It was torn down in 1969 when the Toronto-Dominion Centre was built.

YouTube has footage of Arthur Lee Simpkins singing on the television show You Asked For It in 1951 (I love footage from old TV shows). His voice apparently had tremendous range – based on what I heard, he certainly could hit the high notes!

“Chop Chop” was the stage name of an Australian magician named Al Wheatley (1901-1964). Charlene was his wife. Here is a picture of them.

Chicho Valle (1922 or 1924-1984) was a Cuban bandleader who became a naturalized Canadian citizen in 1961. He was invited to Canada to sing in 1946 and just stayed. I guess he liked it here.

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