King Clancy

The November 28 1936 edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail included one page that had two ads featuring Toronto Maple Leaf star King Clancy.

The first ad was for a pair of skates that you could buy at Simpson’s:


The King himself was going to be at Simpson’s that day!

The second ad featured King endorsing Eno’s Fruit Salt:


I find it hard to believe that 7 out of 10 NHL players took Eno’s Fruit Salt regularly, but I do not know that for sure.

King Clancy (1902-1986) was at the end of his career when these ads came out – in fact, just about exactly at the end of his career, as he retired six games into the 1936-1937 season after a slow start. He later became an executive with the Leafs, holding that position until he passed away.

This blog has covered fruit salts a few times before – here’s the Wikipedia entry on fruit salt.

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